We want you to grow stronger – in every area of life.

Let us help you reach your goals with fun training programs and guidance towards the healthy lifestyle you want and need.

Current services you can take advantage of include:

One-on-One Personal Training

Who: for the individual seeking help with their health and fitness goals, often improved strength and fat-loss

What: 30-60 minute sessions addressing flexibility, strength, body composition, and endurance

When: by appointment only, we’ll find a routine to meet the demands of your life and schedule

Performance Training

Who: for the student-athlete looking to improve speed, agility, strength, muscle, and/or conditioning for sport

What: 30-60 minute training sessions to build the foundation of great athleticism

When: Summer and School sessions available, contact Simeon for more information

Monthly Programming

Who: for the busy athlete/parent/professional who feels comfortable in the gym but needs guidance in their training

What: 4-week exercise/training program with weekly check-in

When: anytime

Where: at the gym or home, workouts are customized for your needs